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You MUST register for a MyPOL account while on Grand Forks campus or access to the mobile website will not work. You also must "pair" your mobile device every 90 days by logging in to your MyPOL account on the Grand Forks campus to continue using the mobile site. If you are willing to use the mobile site with these restrictions, see the American Psychiatric Association's five-page Remote Access Guide

Searchers residing outside Grand Forks are advised to use the full PsychiatryOnline (not the mobile-optimized site) on personal or tablet computers whenever possible. It also may work on cell phones with larger screens.

If you are not in Grand Forks and click on the View Mobile Site button, you will receive the Error screen displayed below. You can still use the Full Site (works on tablets and some cell phones with larger screens) by following these steps:

  1. Click on 3 lines in upper left corner of screen (circled in red below).
  2. Scroll to bottom of menu and choose Full Site.
  3. Click on OK button.

PsychiatryOnline mobile-optimized site error message if logged in from non-Grand Forks UND computer


Northeast Campus - Grand Forks:
Dawn Hackman, MS, AHIP

Northwest Campus - Minot:
Michael Skinner, MLS

Southeast Campus - Fargo
Erika Johnson, MLIS

Southwest Campus - Bismarck:
Marcia Francis, MA, MEd, AHIP


Email after hours and during weekends