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Student Computer Information


 Student Computer Information 

Computer Services is located in room 120K on the first floor of the Thormodsgard Law Library.  Our mission is to provide a stable, functional and modern computing environment for the students, faculty, and staff of the School of Law and to address technology problems that may arise.

 The following technology and computer services are available while attending law school:

  • Student computer labs with both Macintosh and Windows computers are located throughout the campus
  • Color and black & white laser printing ($8 per semester is loaded onto your Student ID card for printing at the law school and at other labs throughout campus)
  • File server network storage space
  • North Dakota University System e-mail account
  • The option for students to take some exams electronically
  • Hardware and software technical support
  • Other specialized services

Wireless network access is available in most buildings throughout the UND campus. Both Windows and Mac OS X operating systems are supported on the network. Computer Services provides some technical training as well as software and hardware technical support for your laptop.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide service that could violate terms of a warranty, nor can we provide you with software unless that software is free and/or open source. 

Although the law school does not currently require students to purchase or bring their own laptop, having a laptop during your academic career here at the UND School of Law is highly encouraged. Virtually any current production laptop on the market will suffice. However, you will want to ensure your laptop has wireless network ability so you can take advantage of the wireless network in the law school and throughout campus. Tablets, pads, and other computing devices are also acceptable, but if you opt for a device other than a laptop, please check its compatibility with exam software.  More on this later in this document.

Irrespective of which make & model laptop you choose, it is imperative that your laptop is protected by approved antivirus software or else your laptop will not be permitted on the network while on campus.  You may obtain free antivirus software for Windows and Mac computers here (  Other software may be found here ( 

You will need Microsoft Office Suite, or equivalent, for word processing and presentations.  Students, faculty and staff may obtain up to five free licenses for Microsoft Office ProPlus here (  Alternatively, LibreOffice is a free productivity suite that is compatible with Microsoft Office and is available here (

Please visit for Internet connection information, software available to you, services available to you, and more. 

Important note about taking electronic exams: Examplify, the electronic exam software the UND School of Law and the State Bar Association of North Dakota uses, can be used on virtually any modern desktop computer, laptop and some other devices.  Before you purchase a device, and would be interested in taking some exams electronically, please visit to ensure the device is compatible with Examplify.  For additional information, visit the ExamSoft website here (or copy & paste into your browser).

If you have applied for all your financial aid availability and you need additional loan funds to cover the cost of purchasing a computer, you should contact the Student Financial Aid Office at 701.777.3121 or by email for information on, and applications for, increasing your financial aid budget. 

If you would like additional information have questions about School of Law computing facilities or services, please contact the Computer Services Help Desk at 701.777.2484 or via email at

Password Security

When choosing a password, do not choose one that may be easily hacked.  Here is a list of the worst passwords from 2017:

You may visit us at to learn more about the UND School of Law.