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Knowledge Commons at Chester Fritz Library

This guide explains what offerings are in the Knowledge Commons and how to utilize them.

UND Standards

Expectations for Students in the Knowledge Commons

  • You will be required to wear a mask while in the Chester Fritz Library
  • You will wipe down commonly touched items (such as keyboards, printer buttons, etc.) before and after use. Hand sanitizing stations and sanitizing wipes will be provided near high contact points.
  • You will only use the stations at the Knowledge Commons for Zoom appointments with a PRC, librarian, or one of the Knowledge Commons partners. These areas will remain unoccupied otherwise for Fall 2020 to minimize the risk of those working the Information Desk.

What if I'm the only one in an area or in a study room by myself?

There is no way to know who was there before you. Because of this, masks are required at all times you are within the building.