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Library Cats - Are you really a librarian if you don't love cats?  Well, we can't exactly say that, but there sure are a lot of librarians who love cats!  Yes. it's a bit of a cliché.  But many of us do love cats.  According to OEDB's A Quick Guide to Library Cats, there are over 300 resident library cats, 200 of whom live in the US!  See below for a small sample of some famous library cats!

  • Ernie, the Bealton Public Library Cat, in Bealton, VA, was rescued from a boarded-up Home Depot
  • Dewey, the Public Library Cat who was dropped into a book drop, with all the returned books - but was adopted and inspired a book
  • Kuzya the cat is the official Assistant Librarian at a library in Novorossiyk, Russia - and is paid in fish filets, treats, and scratches behind the ear - see video here
  • Pages the cat at the Valley Center Public Library in Kansas has an official blog and serves as a greeter
  • Browser the cat at the Pine River Public Library in Minnesota also blogs and has a Flickr page

Think librarians are all cardigans, glasses, and cat-themed apparel?  Think again!  Here are some things to break those stereotypes:

Libraries and librarians have featured prominently in fiction - even pulp fiction.  Try a few sites below for some fun -

Many people (thankfully) love libraries.  Unfortunately, many also are not aware that all libraries "weed" their collections.  (Yes, even research libraries.)  This is a standard part of collection development, and there are many professional guidelines and standards that can help.  Yes, many patrons hate this fact, and many librarians are saddened when what they think was a terrific book fails to circulate - sometimes for decades - and is eventually weeded.  But there is a bit of humor out there to lighten the mood - check out some of the sites below.

  • Awful Library Books - This site has some truly horrific, or sometimes hilarious, titles that have been found and weeded from various collections. (Anyone want to read Brainwashing Is A Cinch?  How about What Girls Want to Know About Boys from 1962?  Or How to Be the Perfect Wife:  Decorating to Please Him from 1970?  Home Repairs Any Woman Can Do from 1973?)
  • Adventures in Weeding - The good folks from Awful Library Books, Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly, have a terrific, often funny slide presentation, that also makes the point that your collection needs to support your mission. 
  • Weeding the Worst Library Books - An article in The New Yorker on the above