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Article Links in Blackboard

Article links for BLACKBOARD must have 2 things:
  • A Permanent Link (also called a Permalink)
  • An EZproxy Prefix

When Blackboard links have these two things, students will be prompted to log in with UND Credentials for off-campus access to the articles, and the library will be able to record usage of your departmental journals. All* databases and links are available from the Chester Fritz Library webpage at https://library.und.edu. If you have questions about this, please contact your subject librarian or Ask a Librarian at 701-777-4629.

*Note: Medical Library faculty should Ask a Librarian at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences


1) Find a Permanent Link for the Article

  • Databases such as JSTOR and SAGE have Permalinks as the URL such as the examples below:

SAGE: http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/pdf/10.1177/2347798915577719

JSTOR: http://www.jstor.org/stable/pdf/4400865.pdf?refreqid=search%3Abf3a16ea95ac44b0a61c91ea2e70fb10

  • Databases such as Chester Fritz Library Articles Search, EBSCOhost and Credo do not have Permalinks as the URL but in a different spot.

Chester Fritz Library Articles search result provides a Permlink icon (under Actions):

screenshot of articles plus permalink icon

EBSCOhost: 1. Find permalink icon& click at Green Arrow   2. To get a link at Orange Arrow.

screenshot of ebsco permalink screen

2) Check the prefix

  • If EZproxy begins your permanent link, you already have a Blackboard link: https://ezproxy.lib....
  • Note: all Ebsco databases supply the EZproxy in the Permalink
  • Otherwise, add the EZproxy prefix to the Permalink by going to Quick Links, then Linking to Articles:
  1. Enter a Permalink in the Stable URL box (by Green Arrow) 
  2. Check the box if specifically for Blackboard 
  3. Click GO 
  4. Copy and paste the resulting URL into Blackboard (by the Orange Arrow)

screenshot library permalink screen