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Community Faculty

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Montanna Barnett, MLS

Sandi L. Bates, MLIS

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Jessica D. Gilbert Redman, MLIS

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Clinical / Community faculty members, occupational therapy and physical therapy field educators, physician assistant preceptors, fellows, and residents receive a number of benefits from the university. Among these benefits is access to our online collections and search tools. Details about obtaining a library account and accessing resources follows. For information about additional benefits, contact the Office of Education and Faculty Affairs.

Apply for an account

Account Renewal

Accounts are active for one year and must be renewed yearly, during which time we will verify continued affiliation with UND. To renew your account, fill out the form above and choose the "Renewal" option for the first question.

Log In With Your Account

  1. Click links to access library resources like Embase and PubMed through the SMHS library's homepage.
  2. Log in on the ODIN authentication page with your library account credentials.
    *Your "username" is the email address you signed up with.
    ODIN Logi in

  3. Search for information and access the SMHS library's subscription resources.

Get journal articles

  1. Access electronic resources (including Embase and PubMed) through the SMHS library's homepage.
  2. After clicking to access the electronic resource (i.e. PubMed), log in on the ODIN authentication page with your community/clinical faculty library account credentials.

    ODIN Logi in

  3. Search for information and use the Find It @ SMHS button button to access full-text books and articles from many electronic resources.

Request materials not available from SMHS Library Resources

When items are not available from our library, we partner with other libraries to try to request the materials be shared with or loaned to you. This system of partnerships is called interlibrary loan (ILL), and it allows us to obtain resources that we otherwise wouldn't be able to access. We have more information about signing up for an account and requesting materials on our website.

Additional library services

Training and consultations

Librarians provide personal consultations and instruction sessions. If you are working with a group of students, you can collaborate with a librarian to provide course-related library instruction. Contact your clinical campus librarian for more information.

Literature Searching

Contact your clinical campus librarian any time you want help. If you are  clinician searching for patient care information, preparing a conference presentation, or beginning a research study, your campus librarian will be happy to work with you. Librarians are experienced in structuring search strategies and understand how to leverage powerful interfaces. A librarian can help you take your search beyond PubMed. There are many databases available and a librarian can help you decide which of these may provide appropriate information on your topic.

Do you need help with something else research or library related?
Ask a librarian!

Change account password

Option One - Forgot password

  1. Start at the SMHS library's homepage.
  2. Click to access the electronic resource (i.e. PubMed).
  3. On the ODIN login screen, select Click here to reset password.

  4. Enter the email address you used to sign up for a library account in either the Primary Identifier or Email Address field to have a password reset email sent to your address.

  5. Follow the instructions in the email to reset your password.

Option Two - Change account password

  1. Access your library account using our discovery interface.
  2. Click the Sign in button in the upper right of the screen.
  3. Choose the SMHS Community/Clinical Faculty option.

  4. Enter your library account email address (the email address you signed up with) for the User ID and your current password.
  5. Once you've signed in, click your name in the upper right corner.
  6. In the drop-down menu, choose Library Card.

  7. Click Personal Details in the page menu.
  8. Choose Update Login Credentials on the subsequent page.
  9. Enter your old password and choose your own personalized password.
  10. Click Save.