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Nutrition and Dietetics 494 / 594: Research in Nutrition and Dietetics

Find helpful tips for your assignments and course work in N&D 494 / 594

Tips for searching PubMed

  1. Focus your question and identify main concepts.: Select main concepts from your question and use these to search. 
  2. Show me the details!: Click the Advanced link under the search box to see how PubMed has mapped your keywords search (continue to scroll down the page then click the expand the Details section). Sometimes its successful; sometimes it is not. 
  3. Remember the MeSH.: Medical subject heading = MeSH term. Check the MeSH Database to find the appropriate MeSH term for your search. Sometimes keywords are enough sometimes they're not and sometimes you'll need both keywords and MeSH. 
  4. Combine terms with ANDs and ORs. 
  5. Use limiters or filters at the end to further focus your results.: Once you have a list of results on your topic further refine your results with the limiters or filters on the left hand side.

Click the above image to play the tutorial. 






Please keep in mind these tutorials are ONLY illustrating how to use PubMed. To get access to PDFs and full-text, you HAVE to access all Databases and Resources through the UND SMHS Library Resources webpage and through UND; NOT through Drexel or Vanderbilt.