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How Do I Cite...?

Citing drug information found in a database like ClinicalKey or DynaMed.

In Vancouver Style:

Authors (if applicable). Title of contribution. Date of publication of contribution [Date of update; Date cited]. In: Database name [Internet]. Publisher location: Publisher. Years of database publication. Available from: Database or URL.



Gold Standard. Amoxicillin. 2015 Jun 22 [cited 2015 Aug 21]. In: ClinicalKey [Internet]. Philadelphia (PA): Elsevier, Inc. c.2012- . Available from:


American Society of Health System Pharmacists, Inc. Amoxicillin. [updated 2013 Jan 18; cited 2015 Aug 21]. In: DynaMed [Internet]. Ipswich (MA): EBSCO Information Services. 1995 - . Available from: