Borrowing from other libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

Library of the Health Sciences

Prerequisite of Use: Personal ILLIAD Account Registration

If you are new to UND and/or have never used our ILLIAD request system, you need to register an account.

The process takes about five minutes.

To complete and submit the registration form, please do the following:

1) Navigate to the First Time User Registration for Interlibrary Loan Info page:

2) Review the main section headings (especially About Your Username and Password; and Important Copyright Information),

3) Click the First Time Users Click Here button to navigate to the registration form¹ ,

4) Complete all required (* asterisked) fields in the New User Registration form,

5) Click the Submit Information button (bottom of page) to complete.


¹ And acknowledge (by doing so) that you have read and accept the terms of service.