Borrowing from other libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

Library of the Health Sciences

Window to Access & Process PDFs

Delivered documents have a shelf life.

• They reside in your ILLIAD inbox for a period of 30 days from email notification.

• PDF files are removed following expiration date.

Please prioritize processing of your completed ILLIAD requests.

Where to Find Your Article PDFs

Completed electronic article requests are deposited in your personal ILLIAD account, not your email.

How You Are Notified

A notification email will be sent to your UND email account, when the request is filled.

The notification includes a navigational link to the ILLIAD login page.

Procedure for Downloading Article PDFs:

1) Login to your UND ILLIAD account,

2) Locate and click the Electronically Received Articles link (View menu in left facets column),

3) Locate the item of interest in the Electronically Received Articles menu and click its View (PDF icon) link

4) Save or print off pdf according to preference.