Borrowing from other libraries (Interlibrary Loan)

Library of the Health Sciences

Typical Time Between Order and Delivery

• Turnaround on requests varies.

• Please allow 3-5 days minimum.¹

Reasons for Delivery Delay

• Rare Journal - few libraries subscribe, so hard to find a lender.

Few / No Free Lenders - we always try to request from free lenders first.

Processing Challenges - high volume lenders may require more time to fill because of the heavy volume of requests.


¹ This is typical turnaround on journal article requests. Physical items require more processing and shipment. Please allow 7-10 business days for receipt of physical items.

The Simplest Way to Request Articles

Requesting articles using the Find It @ UND button saves time and key strokes and is the most convenient method of requesting an item from another library.


1) Find an item of interest in one of our School of Medicine and Health Sciences Library Resources databases,

2) Locate & click the Find It @ UND button within the detailed record for the item,

3) Verify the item is unavailable from UND libraries (indicated by absence of navigational link in the Full Text field),

4) Click the Interlibrary Loan (ILLIAD - Library of the Health Sciences) link,¹

5) Login to your ILLIAD account,

a) the article request form will auto-populate,

6) Review the request form, ensuring that all required (* asterisked) fields are completed,

7) Click the Submit Request button (bottom screen) to complete request.


¹ Ensure that you are clicking the top link.