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Peer Research Consultants

Training and information for PRCs

Phone Manual

If you would like to read the whole manual, please click on the link above. 

A quick guide is included below with sections from the manual. 

Parts of the Phone

Call Appearance Buttons (top left gray triangular buttons) 

This is like having three lines. For example, three people could call at the same time and you could put two of them on hold and speak with the third simultaneously. To switch amongst callers, press the corresponding button on the left side. 




Using the Phone

Answering the Phone

  • When the phone rings, pick up the receiver and say a variant of "Hello, this is the Chester Fritz Library Ask Us Desk. I am a Peer Research Consultant, how can I help you today?" 

Making Calls: 

  • To make a call to other university phones, dial the last five digits of the phone number
    • For example, the Information Desk's phone number is 701-777-4644. To call them from the PRC desk, you would dial 7-4644 
    • Making calls outside of UND phones: ?? 
    • There is a code necessary for making calls to non-701 numbers

Transferring Calls

*Before transferring a call, let the patron know you are about to transfer them and the phone number of the transfer recipient.

  • ex: I am going to transfer you now to the Information Desk, in case the call drops I am going to tell you their phone number. It's 701-777-4644
  1. With a call in progress, press TRANSFER (button underneath red HOLD button)
  2. When you hear dial tone, dial the number to which the call is to be transferred.
  3. Wait for someone to answer and explain the situation. If they are available to the transfer, press the TRANSFER button again to complete the transfer.  
  4. If the called party does not wish to accept the call, press DROP and return to the held call by pressing its call appearance button. 
  • To transfer the call without announcing it, either hang up or press Transfer again. The transfer is complete. If the transferred call is not answered within a preset time, it is returned to you.
  • If the line is busy or if there is no answer, press Drop. You can return to the held call by pressing its call appearance button.

As of May 2021, not all of the reference librarians are in the building! It would be beneficial to check with the librarian on Teams before staring the transferring process. 

Listening to and Deleting Voicemails

  • You will know there are unheard voicemails when the red light is flashing/on.
  • To listen to voicemails, pick up the PRC phone and dial 7-5400. The passcode is 7333 and after dialing the password, you will be prompted to dial the pound symbol: #


  • Hit the ‘MESSAGES’ button on the phone console. 
  • An automated message will play.  Wait for it to end, then enter ‘7333#’ 
  • Tip to remember the password: the password is REFF on the phone, R=7 E=3 F=3 
  • Once you enter the password you’ll be sent to the main menu, if there are messages available you’ll be prompted to hit ‘1’ to review them. 
  • Listen to any unread messages and check if they’ve been answered in LibAnswers.  If they have already been answered, delete the messages.   
  • If you don’t see a match in Libanswers, save the voicemail and let your buddy librarian know.  Sometimes the question has been answered but hasn’t been logged yet, or someone is working on it currently. 
  • If you confirm that no one has answered the voicemail yet, you can answer it yourself, either by calling back or through email. 
  • Keep the voicemail until you know for sure it is resolved.  Once it is, go back in and delete the voicemail 
  • When you’re done, just hang up the phone. 

Using Hold 

  • To put someone on hold, hit the ‘HOLD’ button on the phone console. 
  • To take someone off hold, hit the light grey button at the top of the console that is next to the line the patron is currently on. 
    • This is usually ‘line a.’ 
    • The line that the patron on-hold is on will be marked by a small picture of a phone