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North Dakota Legislative History: interim Committees

A basic guide to locating legal research resources in North Dakota.

North Dakota Legislature Interim Committees

Following each legislative session, the newly appointed Legislative Management meets to determine upcoming interim studies and committee memberships. Each legislator serves on one or more interim committees. Between sessions, interim committees hold hearings, take testimony, and review information provided by the Legislative Council, state agencies, and interested parties as they consider alternative approaches to issues raised by studies. As the need arises, the Chairman of the Legislative Management can assign additional studies during the interim. 

Interim Committee reports -- 1947 - 2022 are available online. Available information varies by the committee, but generally include minutes and testimony presented. You need to search each committee to access the information, there is no general search. Although the list on the website lists information going back to 1947, earlier years do not all contain copies of committee information or minutes. For earlier years unavailable online, please contact the Law Library. Some of this information, though not for all previous years, is located on the third level of the Law Library. If you need assistance, please contact the law library.