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North Dakota Legislative History: North Dakota Century Code - step 1

A basic guide to locating legal research resources in North Dakota.

North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) - in print


The North Dakota Century Code (NDCC) is a multi-volume set of state statutes passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor. 

The NDCC is available online and in print (see list below) at a variety of libraries throughout the state.

The print version of the code is the only version that is annotated and has an index. It consists of 65 titles, organized by topic.

Citations are organized by title, section, subsection. For example, the citation for "Prosecutions or convictions not required" shown below is 54-23.4-10. This is in title 54, section 23.4, subsection 10.

NDCC index

Example - Step 1 - NDCC - in print

Each statute in the annotated code has the source for the law in the particular code section.

This particular statute was added to the code during the 2007 legislative session, and was later amended during the 2015 session. Below is an explanation of the abbreviations:

S.L. 2007, ch. 388 § 5   --   S.L. (session law) 2007, ch. 388 (Chapter 388 of that year's Session Laws) § (section) 5

S.L. 2015, chapter 310 § 3

We will conduct a legislative history of the 2007 statute. You can conduct the same research on the 2015 amendment by following these same steps.


Libraries with NDCC in print

The following libraries have the print version of the North Dakota Century Code

Dakota College at Bottineau
Bismarck State College, ND Supreme Court Law Library, State Historical Society of ND, North Dakota State Library
Devil’s Lake
Lake Region State College
Dickinson Public Library, Dickinson State University
Fargo Public (Main & Carlson branches), NDSU main library
Grand Forks
Grand Forks Public Library, UND Chester Fritz Library, UND Health Sciences Library, UND Thormodsgard Law Library
Jamestown College Library
Valley City
Valley City State University
Mayville State University
Minot Public Library, Minot State University
North Dakota State College of Science
Walhalla Public School library
West Fargo
West Fargo Public Library


Minnesota State Law Law Library (St. Paul)
Minnesota State University Moorhead
University of Minnesota campuses: Crookston, Duluth, Morris, Twin Cities


NDCC - online

The online version of the NDCC is located in the ND legislative website.

The homepage contains a list of the 65 titles of the code. Clicking on a title will get you to a list of sections of that title. Clicking on a section will pull up a pdf version of the actual language of the code.

The online version has no index.



Example - Step 1 - NDCC - online

You can go no further.

The online version of the NDCC does not provide any information relating to the source of any law. Without this information, you cannot locate any additional information needed to conduct an online search for the legislative history on on any code section or sub-subsection.