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Google and journal alerts

When you set up an email article alert, you will get an email listing new articles on your topic whenever they are published. You can set up alerts in google, most databases, and some journals. This can be a serious time-saver, and an easy way to stay up-to-date on a particular area of research.

A Google Scholar alert looks like this:

And the body of the email alert will list the specific articles:


To set up a Google Scholar email alert:

You must first have a gmail account, and then log into your account. Then, go to Google Scholar and do a search, then click the "create alert" text to the lower left:

You will then be given the option to be emailed up to 10 or 20 results. Then click "CREATE ALERT" to finish the process.

The next screen will be a listing of your own Google Scholar alerts. This is where you will go in future to cancel your alerts, and you can also create a new alert from this page: