Sports Medicine

The type of research question you have determines whether you should look in a textbook or an article for your evidence:

Examples of background and clinical questions:

Background questions

Clinical questions

What is the prognosis for anterior cruciate ligament injuries?

In teenage female athletes with anterior cruciate ligament injuries, how do injury prevention programs affect rates of reinjury?

What is best practice in screening for future hamstring injuries in athletes?

In athletes with significant hamstring injury risk factors, does screening multiple times in a season improve the identification of future injury risk?

How does type 2 diabetes affect bone turnover and incidence of bone fractures?

In persons with type 2 diabetes and low bone turnover, can a lifestyle intervention focused on activity and exercise decrease incidence of bone fractures?

What is the etiology of traumatic brain injury?

Are mouth guards effective in preventing traumatic brain injuries among adolescent hockey players?

What is the prognosis of ADHD?

Is participation in team sports more effective in reducing the symptoms of ADHD in adults than aerobic exercise alone?


Clinical evidence resources

contain mostly articles, best suited for more specific, clinical, questions:

Background evidence databases

contain evidence more suited to general research questions:

Electronic textbooks are a great source of background evidence

Physical textbooks

available for in-building use at the Information Resources desk on the 2nd floor of the Grand Forks School of Medicine building