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Resources to inform about and support the use of active learning in a health sciences curriculum

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("problem-based learning"[MeSH Terms] AND "models, educational"[MeSH Terms]) AND "faculty, medical"[MeSH Terms] AND ("2010/12/31"[PDat] : "2015/12/29"[PDat])

((problem based learning”[MeSH Terms]) AND models, educational”[MeSH Terms])

("Competency-Based Education"[Mesh]) AND "Models, Educational"[Mesh]


((DE "Active Learning")  OR  (DE "Learning Modules"))  AND  (DE "Medical Education")

((DE "Integrated Learning Systems")  AND  (DE "Medical Education"))  OR  (DE "Allied Health Occupations Education") AND problem based learning

((DE "Mastery Learning")  AND  (DE "Graduate Medical Education"))  OR  (DE "Allied Health Occupations Education") AND active learning


Active learning

Learning modules

Integrated activities

Experiential learning

Teaching methods

Self-directed classrooms

Learning strategies

Blended learning

Learning problems

Integrated learning systems

Learning processes

Mastery learning

Cooperative learning

Problem based learning

Performance based assessment

Learner controlled instruction

Medical students

Graduate medical education

Graduate students

Medical education

Medical schools

Professional development schools

Allied health occupations education

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Education, medical

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Competency based education

Problem based learning

Simulation training


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