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Westlaw Patron Access: KeyCite

What is Keycite?

KeyCite is the citation service that helps determine whether a case is still good law and retrieves documents that have cited the case. A case is good law when it has not been reversed or overruled. 


The History tab displays the direct history of the case, including all appeals.

KeyCite Flags

KeyCite flags are the easiest way to access KeyCite information.

A red flag means the case is no longer good law for at least one of the legal issues it addresses (has been reversed or overruled.) Click the flag to view details.

A yellow flag means the case has received some negative treatment from other courts, but remains good law (has not been reversed or overruled.) Click the flag to view details.

Citing References

The Citing References tab provides a list of cases and secondary sources that cite the case.