Statistics - explanations and formulas

Excel Formulas

Examples shown are what should be typed into an open Excel cell to have the calculations automatically completed.

Average =(cell range)                          example        =AVERAGE(A1:A12)

N =count(ranges)                               example:       =COUNT(A1:A56)

Mean =average(range)                        example:       =AVERAGE(A1:M6)

Median =median(range)                       example:       =MEDIAN(C1:G35)

Mode =mode(range)                            example:       =MODE(B6:T53)

Minimum =min(range)                          example:        =MIN(A1:G24)

Maximum =max(range)                        example:        =MAX(A1:G24)

Standard deviation =STDEV(range)       example:        =STDEV(A1:A36)

Slope =Slope(y,x)     

Persons r =CORREL(range)

Sum=sum(range)                               example           =SUM(C5:E5)

Multiplication=(cell number)*(number of repetitions)    example:      =(A12)*(17)

Division=(cell number)/(number of repetitions)             example:      =(A23)/(32)

Range=cell with max value-cell with minimum value    example:      =(G23)-(B5)