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Resources for Providers/Physicians, Ancillary/Healthcare Professionals, Nurses, Patients and Staff. However you define yourself...we have something to help you gather the information you need






Point of View


Exercising in Isolation? The Role of Telehealth in Exercise Oncology During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond



Kelcey A Bland; Ashley Bigaran; Kristin L Campbell ; Mark Trevaskis; Eva M Zopf




Systematic Review of Changes and Recovery in Physical Function and Fitness After Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome–Related Coronavirus Infection: Implications for COVID-19 Rehabilitation



Scott Rooney; Amy Webster ; Lorna Paul


Case Report


Promoting Physical Activity via Telehealth in People With Parkinson Disease: The Path Forward After the COVID-19 Pandemic?



Lori Quinn; Chelsea Macpherson; Katrina Long ; Hiral Shah


Prone Positioning of Patients With Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Related to COVID-19: A Rehabilitation-Based Prone Team



Jillian A Ng; Lauren A Miccile; Christine Iracheta ; Carolyn Berndt; Meredith Detwiller ...




Original Research


Application of High-Intensity Functional Resistance Training in a Skilled Nursing Facility: An Implementation Study



Allison M Gustavson; Daniel J Malone; Rebecca S Boxer ; Jeri E Forster; Jennifer E Stevens-Lapsley




Original Research


Video-Based Motion Analysis Use: A National Survey of Orthopedic Physical Therapists



Craig P Hensley; Devyn Millican; Nida Hamilton ; Amy Yang; Jungwha Lee ...


Factors Associated With the Outcome of a First-Line Intervention for Patients With Hip or Knee Osteoarthritis or Both: Data From the BOA Register border=



Andrea Dell’Isola ; Therese Jönsson; Håkan Nero; Frida Eek; Leif Dahlberg


Pain Management


Original Research


Time Between an Emergency Department Visit and Initiation of Physical Therapist Intervention: Health Care Utilization and Costs



John Magel; Jaewhan Kim; Julie M Fritz ; Janet K Freburger




Original Research


Psychosocial Mechanisms of Cognitive-Behavioral–Based Physical Therapy Outcomes After Spine Surgery: Preliminary Findings From Mediation Analyses



Rogelio A Coronado; Dawn M Ehde; Jacquelyn S Pennings; Susan W Vanston; Tatsuki Koyama ...