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NW Med Students

A guide to resources available to 3rd and 4th year UND medical students

Surgery Clerkship resources

Online Case Files from Access Medicine

Case Files: Surgery 5e

Author(s): Eugene C. Toy; Terrence H. Liu; Andre R. Campbell; Barnard J. A. Palmer



Graber and Wilbur’s Family Medicine Examination and Board Review, 5th Edition

Care of the Surgical Patient / Mark A. Graber; Jason K. Wilbur; Brigit E. Ray


Interactive Medical Cases (NEJM)



A free open-access online database of medical images, teaching cases, and clinical topics, integrating images and textual metadata including over 12,000 patient case scenariosThe content material is organized by disease location (organ system); pathology category; patient profiles; and, by image classification and image captions. The collection is searchable by patient symptoms and signs, diagnosis, organ system, image modality and image description, keywords, contributing authors, etc. It also provides free AMA Category 1 CME credits online. Earn up to 30 minutes of CME with each completed case!!

Cover of Abernathy's Surgical SecretsAbernathy's Surgical Secrets, Seventh Edition

Harken, Alden H., MD, FACS


Cover of Atlas of Advanced Operative SurgeryAtlas of Advanced Operative Surgery

Khatri, Vijay P., MBChB, FACS



Cover of Atlas of Minimally Invasive Surgical TechniquesAtlas of Minimally Invasive Surgical Techniques

Vernon, Ashley H., MD


Cover of Atlas of Trauma/Emergency Surgical TechniquesAtlas of Trauma/Emergency Surgical Techniques

Cioffi, William G., MD, FACS


Cover of Basics of AnesthesiaBasics of Anesthesia, Seventh Edition

Pardo, Manuel C., MD



Cover of Current Surgical TherapyCurrent Surgical Therapy, Thirteenth Edition

Cameron, Andrew M., MD, FACS, FRCS(Eng)(hon), FRCS(Ed)(hon), FRCSI(hon)


Cover of Current Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical CareCurrent Therapy of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care, Second Edition

Asensio, Juan A., MD, FACS, FCCM, FRCS, KM


Cover of Essential Surgery: Problems, Diagnosis and ManagementEssential Surgery: Problems, Diagnosis and Management, Sixth Edition

Quick, Clive R.G., MBBS(London), FDS, FRCS(England), MS(London), MA(Cantab)


Cover of Essential Surgical ProceduresEssential Surgical Procedures




Cover of On Call SurgeryOn Call Surgery, Fourth Edition

Adams, Gregg A., MD, FACS




Cover of Sabiston Textbook of SurgerySabiston Textbook of Surgery, Twentieth Edition

Townsend, Courtney M., JR., MD


Cover of TransplantationTransplantation, Fifth Edition

Forsythe, John L.R., MBBS MD FRCS(Ed) FRCS(Eng) FEBS



Cover of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery: A Companion to Specialist Surgical PracticeVascular & Endovascular Surgery: A Companion to Specialist Surgical Practice

Loftus, Ian, MD FRCS


Cover of Video Atlas of Advanced Minimally Invasive SurgeryVideo Atlas of Advanced Minimally Invasive Surgery

Frantzides, Constantine T., MD, PhD, FACS


Cover of Wounds and LacerationsWounds and Lacerations, Fourth Edition

Trott, Alexander T., MD

JAMA Surgery

An international peer-reviewed journal, which began publication in 1920. It is the official publication of the Association of VA Surgeons, the Pacific Coast Surgical Association, and the Surgical Outcomes Club. Explore the latest in surgery, including education and training, surgical quality and safety, minimally invasive techniques, global surgery, and more

Archives of Surgery 

The precursor to JAMA Surgery, delve the archives from 1959 to 2012. For anything more recent, see the link for JAMA Surgery.

British Journal of Surgery

A peer-reviewed surgical journal in Europe. BJS has a tradition of publishing high-quality papers in breast, upper GI, lower GI, vascular, HPB, and endocrine surgery, and surgical sciences. Content includes Leading Articles, Reviews, Original Research Articles, Systematic Reviews, Meta-analyses and Randomized Clinical Trials


Practical, authoritative information about procedures, clinical advances, and major trends shaping general surgery. Each issue features original scientific contributions and clinical reports. Peer-reviewed articles cover topics in oncology, trauma, gastrointestinal, vascular, and transplantation surgery. The journal also publishes papers from the meetings of its sponsoring societies

Surgical Clinics of North America 

Bimonthly issues devoted to a single topic relevant to the busy surgeon, with articles written by experts in the field. Case studies and complete references are also included to give you the most thorough data you need to stay on top of your practice. Topics include general surgery, alimentary surgery, abdominal surgery, critical care surgery, trauma surgery, endocrine surgery, breast cancer surgery, transplantation, pediatric surgery, and vascular surgery

Procedure Videos:


‚ÄčAccessed through ClinicalKey is a clinical search engine that helps physicians, nurses and other health professionals make better decisions anywhere, anytime, in any patient scenario. Use the basic search or select specific features from the dropdown menu on the main search page.

  • Search Clinical Overviews to locate information to prep yourself for patient exams and interviews.

  • Search Procedure Videos to locate instructions and diagrams for surgical procedures. Browse or search 400+ medical and surgical procedures. Topics include videos and images as well as other information. A list of general surgery procedures can be found here. (For cardiac surgical procedures, limit browsing to Cardiovascular. For orthopedic surgical procedures, limit to Orthopedics.)

  • Search the Multimedia section of ClinicalKey to locate high quality images and videos of common procedures.

AccessMedicine Videos

NEJM Surgery Videos

  1. Click on search button near top right of home screen
  2. Type topic in search box and press Enter key.
  3. Click on Figures/Multimedia
  4. Optional - Click on Filter and choose Surgery from the By Specialty pull-down menu

Toronto Video Atlas of Surgery

Accessed through UND, this interactive tool provides 3D models to which you can add or remove layers of anatomy - from skin to bone - to view and label any visible structure, making it easier to learn, remember and explain complex anatomy.

  • Use the 3D Real-time for the most interactive experience.

Other Websites:

Visible Human Project

The National Library of Medicine's Visible Human Project has created publicly-available complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of a human male body and a human female body. Specifically, the VHP provides a public-domain library of cross-sectional cryosection, CT, and MRI images obtained from one male cadaver and one female cadaver. The Visible Human male and female datasets are available for download and as of July 2019, the NLM Data License has been replaced by Terms and Conditions. No registration is required to access this data.

Health and Medicine | Khan Academy

JAMA Learning Videos

Medical Gross Anatomy Dissections (University of Michigan)

Videos available in a variety of specialties. There is also a free app.

NIH Videos

Health Videos (MedlinePlus)

"Anatomy of body parts and organ systems and how diseases and conditions affect them"


Surgery 101

A podcast based out of Canada (but hey we are in North Dakota, it's literally only 90 minutes away from us) and the info is useful AND current. Topical surgery material and credible sources. This link will take you to the clerkship specific one BUT note on the podcast drop down menu, there are many focuses from pediatric to general surgery. Check out this fun variation to your surgery toolbelt!

Elective Description Campus: Northwest (Minot)

Department: Surgery

Course Number: SURG 9495-01

Elective/Experience Title: 4TH YEAR SURGERY EXPERIENCE

Surgical Sub-Specialty or General Surgery (2 weeks) Orthopedic Surgery (2 weeks)

Location of Elective: Trinity Health West - Minot, ND Trinity Health East – Minot, ND

Preceptor(s): General Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Hand Surgery Anesthesiology Cardiothoracic Surgery Neurosurgery Ophthalmology Plastic Surgery Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery Period(s) Offered: All Number of students per period: 2 students per period

Purpose: To provide education and experience in the care of patients requiring general, sub-specialty, and orthopedic surgery services.

Objectives: Following successful completion of this elective, the student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate the understanding of surgery beyond that of a third year clerk.

2. Demonstrate basic surgical skills such as suturing, placement of central lines, and the use of ultrasound.

3. Demonstrate patient management skills expected of an entering resident.

4. Demonstrate the ability to plan the management of the surgical patient with complex medical histories and complications related to previous surgical procedures.

5. Demonstrate principles of uncomplicated fracture management including the correct and safe application of casts.

6. Demonstrate the assessment of selected musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

7. Demonstrate the understanding of the role of surgical sub-specialties in patient management.

Instructional Activities: During this elective, the student will be involved in/experience:

1. The perioperative workup and management of surgical patients in all phases of care.

2. Fluid and electrolyte management of surgical patients.

3. Evaluation and management of surgical patients in the emergency room.

4. The application of casts in fracture management.

5. The evaluation and management of orthopedic injuries.

6. The appropriate assessment of musculoskeletal diseases seen in an orthopedic practice.

7. Assisting in basic surgical procedures in inpatient and outpatient settings.

8. Effectively and efficiently reporting orally on rounds and documenting in the electronic medical record patient care data in the customary format of a surgeon. Approved CSCS 7.20.16 | MCC 7.13.16 – electronically 7. 25.16

Updated: October 2018 Criteria for Grading: During and following this elective, the preceptor will:

1. Evaluate by direct observation the clinical skills of the student in the clinic and hospital including the operating room.

2. Evaluate professionalism and team collaboration by direct observation of the student’s interaction with patients, surgical staff, nurses, other students, residents and faculty.

3. Judge the ability to perform basic surgical and orthopedic procedures by direct observation.

4. Evaluate by direct observation the student’s ability to perform musculoskeletal examinations in order to reach the correct diagnoses.

5. Evaluate by direct observation and review of the medical record the student’s ability to perform preoperative histories and physical examinations.

6. Evaluate by direct observation and review of the medical record the student’s skills in postoperative management of assigned surgical patients.

7. Utilize the 4th year Surgery Experience evaluation form.

These issues and more are available in the current journal subscriptions section of the Angus Cameron Medical 857-5435  or email for more information