Bismarck Senior Center

Health information resources highlighted during Bismarck Senior Center classes

NOTE:  The information resources listed in this guide are not meant to be a substitute for advice provided by a qualified healthcare professional. If you have questions or need assistance in making health decisions, please consult with a doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare professional.

See the FInding Good Health Information guide for additional resources.

Ideas for Exercising Your Brain & Memory


How can you tell the difference between mild forgetfulness & serious memory problems? Find out in this infographic:


These librarians are available to assist you in locating information you may need to ask questions and make informed decisions:

Kate Waldera Marcia Francis
Kate Waldera
Head of Information Services
Bismarck Veterans Memorial Public Library

Marcia Francis
Southwest Clinical Campus Librarian (Bismarck)
Library Resources
UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences