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Books on Music & Literature

The Year's Work in the Punk Bookshelf, or, Lusty Scripts

"This is the story of the books punks read and why they read them. The Year's Work in the Punk Bookshelf challenges the stereotype that punk rock is a bastion of violent, drug-addicted, uneducated dropouts. Brian James Schill explores how, for decades, punk and postpunk subculture has absorbed, debated, and reintroduced philosophy, classic literature, poetry, and avant-garde theatre into popular culture... Brian James Schill is a researcher and writer working at UND. He is also Founder and Editor of Agricouture.org."

Masquerade and Social Justice in Contemporary Latin American Fiction

Helene Carol Weldt-Basson is currently a Professor of Spanish and Latin American Literature. She is the author of Subversive Silences: Nonverbal Expression and Implicit Narrative Strategies in the Works of Latin American Women Writers and Augusto Roa Bastos's I The Supreme : A Dialogic Perspective. She received an honorary doctorate for her work on Paraguay from the Universidad del Norte in 2012 and is the editor of two collections published by Palgrave/Macmillan: Postmodernism's Role in Latin American Literature: The Life and Work of Augusto Roa Bastos (2010) and Redefining Latin American Historical Fiction: The Impact of Feminism and Postcolonialism (2013).

Contemporary Latin American fiction establishes a unique connection between masquerade, frequently motivated by stigma or trauma, and social justice. Using an interdisciplinary approach that combines philosophy, history, psychology, literature, and social justice theory, this study delineates the synergistic connection between these two themes.
In this work, Weldt-Basson examines fourteen novels by twelve different Latin American authors. She elucidates the varieties of social justice operating in the plots of contemporary Latin American novels: distributive, postmodern/feminist, postcolonial, transitional, and historical justices. The author further examines how masquerade and disguise aid in articulating the theme of social justice, why this is important, and how it relates to Latin American history and the historical novel.

The Words and Music of Sheryl Crow

Christopher Gable, PhD, is lecturer of Music, teaching Music Theory, Composition, Introduction to Music Technology and Rock History. His own music has been performed across the country and internationally and frequently includes references to and variations of all kinds of popular music.

Sheryl Crow is celebrated for her legacy as a singer-songwriter and pop culture icon. This book provides a chronological introduction to Sheryl Crow's entire music catalog. Biographical facts are woven throughout a rich narrative detailing insights into her artistry as a songwriter including how songs were created, recorded, distributed, and modified in live performance. Includes song analysis, song structure, musical features, and close discussion of lyrics.

Writing stories : voices of the valley : a collection. Volume III

Joshua Hunter is an Assistant Professor in Education Foundation & Research at UND.

Matthew Berosik is a UND Instructor/Advisor and Biologist.

This third volume focuses on the North Dakota landscape. "Not only do we want to bring writers in contact with North Dakota citizens who have stories to tell; we want to further understand our sense of place in connection with these stories concentrated on the land." -- Editors.