2016-2017 Books by UND Authors at Chester Fritz Library

Books on Health, Psychology & Biology

Counseling Across the Lifespan

Cindy L. Juntunen is an Associate Professor, Training Co-Director for the Doctoral Program in Counseling Psychology and Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Education in the College of Education and Human Development. Juntunen’s research and training interests include vocational psychology, rural mental and behavioral health, supervision, and ethics. She has been an active member in the Society of Counseling Psychology (SCP, Division 17), particularly on the Council of Counseling Psychology Training Programs (CCPTP). She also served on the Health Service Psychology Education Collaborative (HSPEC)—an American Psychological Association (APA) task force that examined concerns related to education and training for the professional practice of psychology.

This book helps readers provide practical and effective mental, emotional, and behavioral health services to clients across the continuum of care, from health promotion through long-term treatment and remediation. The text identifies the nature and origin of various psychological issues from childhood through older adulthood and emphasizes the importance of anticipating and responding early to concerns that arise. The Second Edition features new chapters and expanded coverage of current topics, such as sociocultural contextual factors and interprofessional health perspectives.

Biological Science

Biological Science

Jeff Carmichael has been teaching and coordinating Introductory Biology as an Assistant Professor in Biology at the University of North Dakota for more than 20 years and has received excellence in teaching awards at UND. He also serves in the Office of Instructional Development where he helps other faculty members incorporate evidence-based best teaching practices in their courses. He revised Unit 6 and part of Unit 5 of this Sixth Edition.

Minority and Cross-Cultural Aspects of Neuropsychological Assessment

Dr. F. Richard Ferraro is a National Academy of Neuropsychology Fellow, and Executive Editor for the Journal of General Psychology, Journal of Pscychology and Current Psychology; as well as faculty member and lecturer in the Psychology Department. He has produced more than 230 publications and 290 presentations in the following research areas: neurotoxicity, autism, cognitive aging, neuropsychology, visual work recognition, minority and cross-cultural aspects of neuropsychology, inhibitory processing, eating disorders, body image and frontal lobe functioning.

Understanding Doulas and Childbirth

Cheryl A. Hunter is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Foundations and Research. As a sociologist, her research focuses on micro-level analyses: educational interactions that happen between individuals and the different intercultural contexts in which those interactions arise. She is a translational researcher, producing research that reaches the intended audience in a practical way and contributes to improving their life experiences or professional practice.

Abby Hurst is a health care clinician and her research focuses on interprofessional communication between doulas and hospital-based maternity care providers and patient advocacy focused on the Shared Decision Making model.

This book contextualizes how having a doula, or labor-support woman, present during childbirth results in lower rates of medical interventions. Doulas enter into a care-provider relationship that focuses on the experience of the birth as something transformative, to be honored and centered on the woman’s body in an active role in the process.