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Library of the Health Sciences

Installing App

NOTE:  You MAY need to register while on Grand Forks campus to access all UND subscribed content.


  1. Log in to ClinicalKey from the Library's website on your PC or mobile device.
  2. In the upper right corner, click on Register to set up a personal account; email address can be UND or other.
  3. Install the ClinicalKey Android or Apple iOS app on your mobile device.
  4. Open the app. The first time you do, you will create your settings. On the Choose Edition screen, select Global. On the Choose Role screen, select ClinicalKey (not ClinicalKey for Nursing).
  5. Next you will see a Log In screen. Enter the username and password you created on the ClinicalKey website.

Mobile Site

If the ClinicalKey mobile app does not work well, considering using the mobile-optimized version instead; these tips will help you find information more efficiently while using mobile-optimized ClinicalKey:

  • Selecting filters before searching a topic may not be available on smaller screens.
  • The filter bar on the search results screen may be at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot below). If you scroll down to look at search results, the filter bar disappears and you must scroll back up before you can use it.


ClinicalKey mobile filter bar at bottom of screen



  • Sometimes filters for search results display in order of the most popular; scroll down to see other filters. In the example below, scroll down to see the Source Type filter, Procedures Consult, that has 11 results.




Northeast Campus - Grand Forks:
Dawn Hackman, MS, AHIP

Northwest Campus - Minot:
Michael Skinner, MLS

Southeast Campus - Fargo
Erika Johnson, MLIS

Southwest Campus - Bismarck:
Marcia Francis, MA, MEd, AHIP


Email help available after hours and during weekends