Cambridge Structural Database System

The Cambrige Crystallographic Data Centre is a comprehensive and fully curated world's repository of experimentally determined small molecule structures.  Continually updated with new structures and improvements to existing entries, it is a unique teaching resource and an ideal platform for furthering students' understanding of 3D structural chemistry.  It contains an integrated suite of tools.  Tools listed are Prequest, Mogul, Mercury, IsoStar client, and ConQuest (requires initializing user setup in ConQuest).  Available on 1 computer station in Chester Fritz Library.  Please ask for directions at the Reference Desk. 


Welcome to Chester Fritz Library.  If you need assistance with your research, please contact me by telephone, email, or Ask a Librarian to set up an appointment or, even better, stop in the Library to visit. 

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IScienceSearch: The Internet Search Engine

 iScienceSearch allows searching the Internet by structure, synonym, CAS Registry Number and free text. In the background, we return structure, names and CAS Registry Numbers* within seconds.  A search by name can automatically invoke another search by structure and/or CAS Registry, or any combination of these. iScienceSearch presently searches more than 60 free chemical and pharma relevant databases  -- containing more than 100 million pages which associate chemical structures with data.



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