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Books on Ceramics are shelved generally on the 3rd floor in the General Book Stacks or Oversize Collection

  • LC call number ranges NK3700-NK4695
  • Contemporary artists are in NK3930-NK3040
  • More Ceramics texts in TP785-TP841
  • Technology involved (glazes, firing) are in TT910-TT924

Good subject headings are: Pottery, Potters, Ceramics

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Assignment Terms, and other terms to try

Adelaide Paul

Adelaide Robineau

Adrian Arleo

Akio Takamori

Andrea Gill

Aurore Chabot

Archie Bray Foundation

Army of the Dead-Shi Haung Di try Qin Dynasty

Beatrice Wood

Beth Cavener Stichter

Bernard Leach

Betty  Woodman

Carol Roorbach 

Charles Binns

Chris Staley 

Clayton Bailey

Dan Anderson try Daniel

Daniel  Rhodes 

David Gilhooly

David Shaner

Don Reitz

Elaine Levin

Gail Kendall

George Ohr

Hal Riegger

Hans Cooper it's Coper

Howard Kottler

Jack Earl

Jack Troy

Janis Mars Wunderlich

Jason Walker

Jeff Oestreich

John Gill

John Glick

John Mason

Josh DeWeese

Julia Galloway

Jun Kaneko

Ken Ferguson

Ken Price try Kenneth

Kurt  Weiser

Lana Wilson

Lucie Rie

Marguerite Wildenhain

Marilyn Levine

Michael Cardew  

Michael Lucero

Michael Sherrill

Otto & Vivika Heino try searching each name separately

Patti Warashina

Paul Dresang

Paul Soldner

Paula Rice

Pete Pinnell try Peter

Peter Voulkos

Richard Notkin 

Richard Shaw

Robert Arneson 

Robert  Sperry

Robert Turner

Robin Hopper

Ron Nagle

Rudy Autio

Ruth Duckworth

Sam Chung

Shoji Hamada try also subject Japanese Pottery

Stephen De Staebler

Susan Beiner

Ted Randall

Tom try Thomas & Elaine Coleman try searching each name separately

Tony Hepburn

Toshiko Takaezu 

Val Cushing

Viola Frey

Virginia Scotchie

Warren MacKenzie

Wayne Higby