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How-to guide on writing a literature revew.

Literature Reviews

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Literature Review Quiz

Print a copy of this quiz & circle correct answers.  Find answers in the key below. 

Literature Review--Quiz Answer Key

View the correct answers in the answer key below.  Some answers that are partially correct and must certainly be included within a literature review are marked by 50% and are red in color.  The most correct and complete answer is green in color.


Literature Reviews

For course papers, capstone papers, or as the introduction to your thesis or dissertation, you may need to write a literature review.  Follow the tabs above to find assistance with settling on a research question, selecting resources, using search strategies, evaluating resources, synthesizing ideas, citing resources, and assessing your literature review.  A resource list is also available.

Literature Review--An article or paper describing published research on a particular topic. The purpose of a literature review (sometimes called a review article) is to select the most important publications on the topic, sort them into categories, and comment on them to provide a quick overview of leading scholarship in that area. Published articles often include a literature review section to place their research in the context of other work in the field. From: (Bedford/St. Martins. (n.d.) Glossary of research terms. Retrieved from

Literature Reviews: On Overview (for undergraduates or graduates)

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Literature Reviews: An Overview (Other Tutorials)

Sample Literature Review

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