Occupational Therapy

Library of the Health Sciences

One of the benefits of being a fieldwork educator is free access to the Health Sciences Library's databases and resources

Library Access for Fieldwork Educators

Fieldwork educators are encouraged to access resources through the UND Library of the Health Sciences. These resources include article databases, mobile tools, and more. All that's necessary is to apply for a library account.

Here's how:

1. Go to https://undmedlibrary.org/apply


2. Scroll down to the section entitled Apply for an Account

3. Fill out the online form

  • Email: If you have a UND or UND med email address use that, otherwise enter your standard professional email address.
  • EMPLID: If you have not been issued an identification number by UND, leave this space blank.
  • Affiliation: Choose OT Field Educator

4. If you've previously applied for an account and were denied or there was an error, describe the situation in the Comments field. If you have forgotten your password, do not reapply.

5. Go to the email address you entered and look for a message from webmaster@undmedlibrary.org

6. Open the email and click on the embedded link. This will send the application to the library for approval. Once you've been approved you will be able to sign into the library's website at http://undmedlibrary.org using your email address as your username.


If you run into any problems while registering, or are unable to find the verification email, please contact webmaster@undmedlibrary.org