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Plan Your Search

As you begin your search, take a minute to think about a few things:

What is the most appropriate term to be using? What would a practicing Athletic Trainer call what you want to find?

Are there other terms this condition or procedure can be called?

Access peer-reviewed, full-text articles on sports medicine topics in multiple databases

Databases with articles on topics in Sports Medicine

Searching ALL Ebsco at once

You can quickly search all the databases associated with Ebsco by using the Choose Databases function.

What are the Ebsco databases? You can tell by the logo:

Near the search boxes at the top, you have the option to Choose Databases.

By selecting that option, you see this listing. You can choose to select all, or you can selectively choose those you think most appropriate to your search.

The one thing to remember when using more than one or ALL the databases, your controlled vocabularies will no longer work and you will need to key word search. This happens because they do not all agree on terminology or definitions.